Leader Smart Engineering Limited (“LSE HK”) is a company incorporated in Hong Kong the whole of whose share capital is owned by Leader Smart Holdings Limited (“LSH”). LSH is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. In turn, LSE HK owns 100% of the issued share capital of Leader Smart Engineering (Shanghai) Limited (“LSE Shanghai”) a company incorporated in China.

LSE HK was incorporated 17 years ago to offer customers the provision of a general supervision and management (or “turnkey”) service to all Electrical & Mechanical Engineering design services. Over the years since its incorporation LSE HK has extended its expertise into the provision of general contracting services within the building industry, including the overseeing the turnkey operation of projects such as high-rise offices, commercial and residential developments, retail malls, shopping centers, factories and showrooms within Hong Kong and has built up an enviable reputation in this field. While its expertise in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services have extended also into the Mainland

Its customers over the years have comprised many well known names, such as The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), Jusco, and Hutchison Whampoa.

LSE Shanghai was incorporated in the Peoples Republic of China as a wholly owned subsidiary of LSE HK to provide similar services in China. This was intended to take advantage of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”). CEPA is a free trade agreement concluded between the Mainland of China and Hong Kong.  CEPA covers three areas: trade in goods, trade in services, trade and investment facilitation. CEPA has strengthened the trade relationship in goods and services, and fostered trade and investment facilitation between the two places, and are conducive to accelerating the economic integration and enhancing the long term economic and trade development of both places.  

LSE HK has recruited a team of specialists in design, analytical engineering, general contracting, management and administration thus enabling it to advise on the provision of an all round turnkey service in building construction and development in areas such as high rise offices, commercial, residential development projects, retail malls, shopping centers, hotels, spas, factories and motor show rooms. LSE Shanghai is thus able to negotiate contracts with, instruct, direct and manage specialist firms in all areas of the building industry.

Both LSE HK and LSE Shanghai Ltd. have a number of projects under way at present. For further details, please refer to the “Current Projects” section of the website. However, it is proper to mention that LSE Shanghai in particular is heavily engaged in a five stories shopping mall project (the “Ming Xuan Square Mall”) in Zongshan, a rapidly expanding suburb on the west coast of Guangdong Province, where it is deploying all of the skills and expertise required to bring a first class development to fruition.

Thus both in Hong Kong and on the Mainland, our experienced staff are able to cover all the major disciplines of the building and construction business and is thus provide a complete “turnkey” service, including interior design. The Companies’ respective multi-disciplined teams can respond quickly, efficiently and cost effectively in a wide variety of both domestic and international construction projects.

Thus the Group has evolved from providing only electrical and mechanical engineering services to one that provides services in all areas of the building and construction industry.

The whole of the share capital of LSH was acquired by UniVision Engineering Limited (UVEL), a company incorporated in Hong Kong and Listed in the Alternative Investment Market of London (AIM), in 2006. LSH was demerged from UVEL earlier this year. The purpose of demerger is to seek possible investors, LSH is currently fully occupied in 2 major projects (refer to current projects for details).